Four AI Resources

One for the economic impact. One for the Future (we can't escape it can we?). One about Ethics. and A.I. and One document about utilisation of A.I. in Social Good.

Economics of AI

Rotman School of Management professor Ajay Agrawal explains how AI changes the cost of prediction and what this means for business.
By changing the cost of prediction, AI changes the game.
McKinsey Quarterly – April 2018.
CB Insights AI Trends 2019

AI Trends in 2019

One of my favorites resources. What’s next for AI?

AI Trends In 2019 is an analysis of emerging AI trends using the CB Insights NExTT framework.

CB Insights examined 25 of the biggest AI trends, covering everything from next-gen prosthetics to crop monitoring.

Using the NExTT framework, CB looked at the industry adoption and market strength of these trends, categorizing them as necessary, experimental, threatening, or transitory (NExTT). The framework educates businesses about emerging trends and guides their decisions in accordance with their comfort with risk.

Ethics and Data Science

Ethics and Data Science

As the impact of data science continues to grow on society there is an increased need to discuss how data is appropriately used and how to address misuse.

Yet, ethical principles for working with data have been available for decades. The real issue today is how to put those principles into action.

With this report, authors Mike Loukides, Hilary Mason, and DJ Patil examine practical ways for making ethical data standards part of your work every day.

AI in Social Good

AI for Social Good

Artificial intelligence, while not a silver bullet, could contribute to the multi-pronged efforts to tackle some of the world’s most challenging social problems.

AI is already being leveraged in research to tackle societal “moon shot” challenges such as curing cancer and climate science. Read a profound analysis of 160 AI social impact use cases.