Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Courses

Artificial Intelligence Courses for Beginners

  • (Free) AI For Everyone by Created by Andrew Ng.  Ng co-founded Google Brain, former Chief Scientist at Baid,  Stanford Prof. and co-founder of Coursera and – Coursera
  • (Free) Data Science: Machine Learning by HarvardX’s multi-part Data Science Professional Certificate series – EDX
  • (Paid) Artificial Intelligence: Implications for business. A practical grounding in AI and its business applications – MIT
  • (Free) For Business People – AI business school Microsoft. Microsoft

Artificial Intelligence Courses - Advanced

  • (Free) Microsoft Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)EDX
  • (Free) AWS Machine Learning by Amazon – AWS
  • (Free) IBM Skills Gateway – Anything from Visual Recognition to IBM Watson Foundations – IBM Watson Learning Gateway
  • (Paid) Professional Certification in Deep Learning – IBM Edx