I read all the emails I receive, but unfortunately, I can’t reply to all of it.

My priority is in answering requests to speak about Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing to boards, to speak in conferences and for Artificial Intelligence, Marketing Strategy, Digital and Brand Consultant.

Speaking themes:

  1. A.I. for Leadership. Artificial Intelligence explained for Leaders and Boards.
  2. Digital Innovation in ____ (Category you are interested in)

Inquire about my availability for a talk at your next event or board meeting. I can also develop a bespoke keynote for your company or industry upon request.


  1. Marketing Strategy, Digital and Brand Consultant
  2. A.I. Strategy,
  3. A.I. Capabilities,
  4. A.I. Resources and Talent and
  5. A.I. Training for Executives and Leadership Management

You can contact Lucio Ribeiro on hello (at) or Linkedin at


Upcoming Events:

  • February 2020 – Pause Fest Melbourne/AU – “A.I. and its creative role in Marketing and Advertising (Event Link)
  • February 2020 – Pause Fest Melbourne/AU – “Resilience”
  • March 2020 – (Private event) Melbourne/AU – “The Future of Fintech”
  • March 2020 – (Corporate event) Sydney/AU – “Future of Mobility”