‘Advertising Week Briefings: 5 things’

Advertising Week Briefings Presented by Lucio Ribeiro

‘Advertising Week Briefings: 5 things’ is a monthly educational program that sees experts from various industries verticals respond to five questions, giving a unique insight into the inner-workings of their industries and expertises.

The event is curated and hosted by Lucio Ribeiro, Marketing Consultant and Lecturer of Marketing & Artificial Intelligence at RMIT and Deakin, the series is presented in association with Advertising Week APAC. The ten sessions programmed for 2020 will cover a range of verticals from retail, automotive, FMCG, technology, future of work, sports and more.

Advertising Week Briefings: 5 things series, connects the most prestigious talent the Australian market has to offer with an industry that is demanding more education. 5 things provides an exclusive view into these categories so that attendees can walk away feeling empowered with knowledge.

If you’re a future leader looking to understand category dynamics, brand manager, tech, marketing and agency professional or are just generally keen to discover the ins-and-outs of these industries, you can’t miss the series – it’s competitive advantage in the making.

Next Event: Travel and Tourism | 29th. October

Advertising Week Briefings 5 Things: Travel and Tourism

Previous Events

Advertising Week Briefings: 5 things TikTok, October 2020.

      • Sérgio Brodsky is co-founder of AU/NZ first dedicated TikTok agency, TikMyDay. He is also founder and principal consultant of SURGE
      • Jordan Lomax is Owner of The Social Lab
      • Paniora nukunuku content creator

Advertising Week Briefings: 5 things Future of Work, June 2020.

  • Jeanette Cheah, Co-Founder and CEO, The Hacker Exchange
  • Karl Winther former CMO Officeworks, Australian Post, and current founder, Winther Consulting
  • Kelly Fawcett, Research and Policy manager, FYA

Advertising Week Briefings: 5 things in Retail, May 2020.

  • Hannah Spilva, Cofounder and CEO of Lvly, also 2020 Telstra Business Women’s award winner
  • Jonathan Waecker, CCO, The Warehouse group
  • Jess Dadon , Co-CEO of TWOOBS and How two Live.

Advertising Week Briefings: 5 things in FMCG, April 2020.

  • Linda Monique, Founder, Almo Milk
  • Drew Davis, Portfolio Director, MARS Wrigley, Australia
  • Paul Connell, Founder of Build on Purpose, and former GM & Marketing Director at Unilever