What is Lucio.ai?

lucio.ai is a highly personalised digital consultancy. It means that we solve one specific problem at a time utilising digital technology, Artificial Intelligence and theory-based marketing frameworks.

The consultancy is led by Lucio Ribeiro, current Lecturer of Digital Marketing, Marketing Insights and Data and Lecturer of Artificial Intelligence and Business at both, RMIT and Deakin.

We are normally hired by CMO’s, Marketing Directors, Portfolio Managers, Head of Innovation and Head of Strategy to either fulfil their capacity (“I don’t have time”) or solve a capability (“I don’t know how to do it”) challenge.

We don’t pitch, and we work with just three clients every six months.

Lucio Ribeiro speaking on AI

What is Lucio.AI expertise?

  1. Digital marketing strategy, planning and execution
  2. Digital Education
  3. Digital Media planning and execution in programmatic, Search and Social.
  4. Artificial Intelligence applied in business and marketing
  5. Digital Transformation

Our clients

Currently, lucio.ai works with clients in the verticals:

  1. Automotive. Supporting MINI/BMW with new plans for digital media. Re-analysing their full media and digital strategies, applying digital transformation using A.I. for Customer Experience a new adtech stack.
  2. Superannuation. [Confidential] Full Strategic support to the corporate area. Including training and Thought Leadership presentations to clients and prospects in the Future of Fin-Tech.
  3. Retail. [Confidential] Strategic review of MarTech stack. Initial consultation in applications of Artificial Intelligence in insights, competitor analysis, STP, Dynamic content and pricing.

About Lucio (Chief Strategy Officer and GM) and the team.

We have a small team of three people, operating with contractors and partnerships. Lucio.AI is headed by Lucio Ribeiro. Lucio brings both, commercial and academic expertise.

Academic Background

  1. MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Sloan School of Management. Executive program. Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy.(2018/2019)
  2. Certificate in Psychology (University of Toronto)
  3. Certificate in Game Theory (Stanford)
  4. Deakin University lecturer in Data and Market Insights
  5. RMIT University lecturer in Digital Marketing
  6. RMIT University lecturer in Artificial Intelligence in Future Skills.

Commercial Background

  1. Former and past clients include: Mercedes-Benz APAC, P&G, MINI, Renault, Chevrolet, Vicinity Centres Retail, Target Australia, Unilever, MasterCard, Mondelez, Parmalat, Kraft Foods, Schweppes, Purina/Nestle, Cadbury, AGL Energy, Melbourne University, NAB and Cadbury NZ and The Warehouse Group NZ.
  2. During his career, Lucio was elected by public vote as one of the top 100 most influential Online Marketers in the world by Marketing Today.
  3. Judged international awards like AME, MB Awards and the NY Festival.
  4. The Marketing Academy lifelong alumni and Advertising Week Global Ambassador
  5. In 2019 Lucio sold his digital marketing agency (BandT), Online Circle digital, one of the pioneers in digital and social marketing in Australia.

Public Speaking (last 12 months)

  1. Advertising Week APAC -Sydney/Australia. The AI Trade-off. Panel with Vijay Solanki (Former CEO of IAB & digital marketer), Lawrence Crumpton A.I. Evangelist Microsoft, Vince Lynch CEO IV.AI, Ophir Tanz CEO GumGum
  2. Advertising Week LATAM – Mexico City.  A.I. The truth and the Noise. A.I. for Leaders in times of marketing hardship.
  3. AIEC – Australian International Education Conference –  Sydney/Australia. A.I. The truth and the Noise in Education. (slides here)
  4. Advertising Week APAC – Sydney.  A.I. The truth and the Noise. A.I. for Leaders in times of marketing hardship.
  5. 2019 Spotlight on Members – Superannuation Association – Melbourne
  6. 2019 Advertising Week New York

Demystifying A.I. Show

We are surrounded by hysteria about the future of Artificial Intelligence.

C-Level is confused and doesn’t quite know who to listen to, what to believe and how to use AI leadership in times of Marketing hardship.

In this Channel, Lucio Ribeiro, an MIT certified AI, award winner marketing practitioner explains AI for Leaders in short interviews with Global leaders in A.I.

Simple advice for C-Level, boards and leadership team on what is A.I. and where to start.

Lucio TV Artificial Intelligence Demystifying AI

Watch the YouTube show

A.I. Resources

PDFs and Resources

  • Presentation – AI leadership. AI the basics of the truth and noise public. The 6 things I identified in AI – Download the A.I. Presentation
  • AI Trends In 2019. One of my favorites resources. AI Trends In 2019 is an analysis of emerging AI trends using the CB Insights NExTT framework. Download the A.I. report
  • An executive’s guide to AI by McKinsey. A basic, visual resource. An executive’s guide to AI
Audience leaning A.I.


  • (Free) AI For Everyone by deeplearning.ai. Created by Andrew Ng.  Ng co-founded Google Brain, former Chief Scientist at Baid,  Stanford Prof. and co-founder of Coursera and deeplearning.ai – Coursera
  • (Free) Data Science: Machine Learning by HarvardX’s multi-part Data Science Professional Certificate series – EDX
  • (Paid) Artificial Intelligence: Implications for business. A practical grounding in AI and its business applications – MIT